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The Pop Heard 'Round The World: 
The Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Interview

From harvesting Jellyfish to creating an extraordinary Glamping experience, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. has worked with such a vast array of artists that his music has reached the ears of just about everyone that walks the Earth.

In the following interview, Roger sits down and discusses just about every facet of his illustrious career; from his days in Jellyfish to his latest 4-song EP, Glamping. Along that journey he has been a part of some of the greatest selling music of all time. While he has spent more than 20 years as Beck's keyboardist, his free time has been peppered with session work with artists like David Bowie, Blink-182, Marilyn Manson, Pink, Johnny Cash, Adele, and hundreds more. His personal glory comes by way of his solo work, though. 

As his 4-song EP, Glamping, is about to be released, you hear Roger talk about the creative process and inspiration behind this latest work, as well as his feelings about his catalog of work.  Sit back, relax, and take a journey through the career of one of the most versatile musicians of all-time. 


00:00 - 00:55     Roger discusses the new PledgeMusic campaign he is using to                                 release the new EP, Glamping.

00:56 - 02:26     Why were the first two solo albums released in Japan first,                                       and 
then later released in the U.S. with a title change?

02:27 - 04:56     These four songs on Glamping have a sound very similar to the                               Jellyfish sound. Did you consciously try to write something in the                             Jellyfish vein?

04:57 - 07:29     Out of all the material you had written, how did you choose these                           four songs?

07:30 - 08:59     Have you had any communication with Andy Sturmer?

09:00 - 11:35     Roger talks about a project that he is working on with former                                   members of Jellyfish.

11:36 - 14:03     Do you miss the spotight?

14:04 - 17:48     Roger talks about working on "When We Were Young" with Adele.

17:49 - 21:20     Are there any odd or interesting instruments on Glamping?

21:21 - 28:36     Is there a genre other than your fortè of traditional pop that                                    particularly interests you?

28:37 - 32:15     You've been playing with Beck for more than 20 years without                                 contributing to any of the songwriting. Is a songwriting                                           collaboration with Beck something we might see in the future?

32:16 - 38:58     Do you think if the Jellyfish material was released today it would                             be more successful?

38:59 - 40:15     Your first two solo albums are not available on subscription                                      services like Spotify. Will Glamping be available on Spotify?

40:16 - 44:37     Do you have a favorite session that you've done?

44:38 - 46:33     Have you ever thought about writing a book?

46:34 - 48:42     How do you choose who you say "yes" to when you're asked to do                            a session?

48:43 - 50:00     Is there anyone you wouldn't work with again?

50:01 - 55:21     Who are the musicians that played on Glamping? / Saying                                        goodbye.

            Photo by Tim Manning

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