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Roy Shiels - The Teenage Storm

Roy Shiels – The Teenage Storm

This just might be the most exciting indie artist that I’ve come in contact with in a very long time. The thing that sets Irishman Roy Shiels apart from the rest is not only the fact that he is a multi-instrumentalist and plays every sound on this 5-song EP himself, but it’s simply the fact that his music is from a place that I never get to go to anymore. "Pop song paradise" is a place I love to be, but nobody seems to be doing straight pop songs anymore. Everything seems to have some kind of "alternative" twist put on it these days. But Shiels great airy pop vocal, coupled with the exceptional rhythm of these tracks, makes for a straight (no chaser) pop masterpiece.
I’m a lover of pure pop music. I adore songs with great melody and a catchy hook. Shiels provides all of that, and then some. Having a singing voice with Paul McCartney qualities doesn’t hurt either. But, it’s not just the pure pop execution that I love about Shiels songs. I also think his modern approach to traditional song structure is done perfectly. Without abandoning the pop appeal of the song, a modern guitar grind or echo effect might be added, which adds tremendous atmosphere to songs that already have me in a perfect place.


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