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Shane Owens' "Everybody Dies" Inspires Living

Singer/songwriter Shane Owens released a single earlier this Fall called “Everybody Dies” from his 2019 full length album “Thankful For Country Music”.  From the first note Shane sings, to the fiddle solo and pedal steel guitar use, it can easily be identified as being written in the genre of Traditional Country.  It is a song that is very appropriate for our current times.  

If a person were to read this song title in a list of songs, it might be assumed that “Everybody Dies” is a depressing song.  That’s not the case here.  Instead, it is an anthem for living life to the fullest.  “Everybody Dies” is a song about perspective (“Some people see the sunrise as just another day. Other people see it, and it takes their breath away”).  This song also acknowledges our mortality, and emphasizes that our time on Earth is precious (“Life is just a moment, gonna get all I can get”).  It expresses the joy of appreciating what we’re given (“I don’t wanna waste a breath, cause every one’s a gift”).  As the world continues to battle the Coronavirus, the song’s message is one that rings true to the masses.
“Everybody Dies” is an inspiring song, one that Shane sings with passion and an unmistakable sincerity.  It’s the kind of song that causes its listeners to pause and reflect on their own journey in life.  It’s also living proof that a song can’t be judged by its title.



Life & Times with Shane Owens

Traditional Country continues to be a pillar of the Country Music scene. In this interview with Dr. Music Associate "Country" Kevin Mikol from October 22, 2020, Shane Owens talks about how the music he was raised on inspired him to write and perform in a style that was established by the pioneers of Country Music.  During the course of this interview, Shane talks about how Randy Travis helped and encouraged him with his music.  He also reminisces about sharing the stage with veteran Country artists such as Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan, & Aaron Tippin to name a few.  The common thread that is woven through this interview is Shane’s gratefulness for all of the people who have helped him along the way, as his career continues to build momentum with every day that passes.

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