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Sledge Leather - Imagine

Me Alive

Imagine Me Alive - Sledge Leather
The name comes from the joining of two warriors of the metal community, drummer Sandy Sledge and vocalist Leather Leone. They were part of a successful project called Rude Girl in the 80's, and now they reunite to deliver an updated brand of heavy metal thunder.
Some of you may know Leather Leone as the longtime vocalist for guitarist David Chastain's band, Chastain. If so, you'll be glad to hear that Leather is back and in fine voice.
Upon first listen, I immediately thought of serious metal legends like Iron Maiden and Dio, mostly due to the strength behind Leather's vocals. She grips the mic tight and belts out these tunes with all she's got. Like a vicious cat she scratches and claws at these songs. Her voice is guttural and bellowing, and acts as the ultimate driving force behind this set. Having said that, she's backed by a brilliant band that makes every snarling lyric a hammer to your chest. The heavy backbone of the band is none other than former Rainbow/Dio bassist Jimmy Bain. His experience and musicianship, combined with the sharp precision drumming of Sandy Sledge, makes this a big, bottom heavy sound. You can also find Dio keyboardist Scott Warren lending his talents to the project. Although his contributions are limited, his medieval working on the small piece "Sisyphus," and his eerie bits of orchestration make him a nice addition to the overall sound. 
What is the "overall sound," you ask?
If you think of some of the lesser known metal bands since the 80's, such as Rock Goddess, Drain STH, Phantom Blue and Halestorm, you get a vague idea of what this band sounds like. Drenched in the classic sounds of metal like Maiden, Dio, and Judas Priest, Sledge Leather keeps things dark and heavy. No talk of parties or Saturday night frolicking here. The mood is dark and serious, and the music is as no nonsense as they come. This band eats the Poisons and the Warrants of the world for breakfast.
If you like your metal serious and heavy, and you're ready for machine gun drumming and piercing vocals, Sledge Leather is right up your dark alley.
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