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Bits and Pieces:
The Steve Hackett Interview

Photo: Armando Gallo

Steve Hackett is a name that makes prog rock fans stand at attention. There are musicians in each genre that stand on the level of royalty, and Hackett is definitely a king in the progressive rock genre.

The Hackett-era of Genesis saw the band producing some of its most complex and intriguing work. Songs like "Los Endos," "The Musical Box," and "Supper's Ready" are timeless blueprints for any prog rock that has come since. When Hackett left Genesis in October of 1977, he seemed to take the progressive side of the band with him. With drummer Phil Collins taking on full-time vocal duties, Genesis became a very popular and accessible mainstream radio pop/rock band. 

Steve Hackett decided to stay true to his love for a rich musical landscape by incorporating world music, as well as jazz, rock, and classical influences into his solo work.  Now, with more than thirty solo releases, Hackett continues to make music with emotion and texture. His latest release mixes the old with the new in a stunning live package. Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith is available on CD/vinyl/DVD/Blu-Ray, and it shows Hackett and his incredible band at their very best, doing the Genesis classic in its entirety, followed by Hackett's solo work. An autobiography entitled A Genesis In My Bed is also available, which chronicles Hackett's early childhood, his years in Genesis, and his life after leaving the band.

In the following interview, Steve talks about everything mentioned above; his days in Genesis, his love for adventurous music, his book, and his latest Live At Hammersmith record. So kick back, grab a beverage, and get to know the legend that is Steve Hackett....

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Listen to the entire unedited interview here!

00:00 – 03:33     Greetings

03:34 – 06:16     Are Selling England By The Pound and Spectral Mornings your favorite albums from Genesis and your solo career? (Steve talks about his musical exploration into world music)

06:17 – 09:19     Were you surprised by the mainstream pop direction that Genesis went when you left the band? (Steve talks about music flavorings and being visual) 

09:20 – 10:50     Steve talks about writing (and re-writing) the book.

10:51 – 13:19 
   Steve talks about the talent in Genesis and the personalities of its members.

13:20 – 20:30     How difficult was it to get the feel and all the nuances of that classic Genesis album with your band, and what differences are there, if any?  (Steve also talks about the song “Déjà vu”)

20:31 – 21:45
     Did you ever think about making a soundtrack to the book? 

21:46 – 26:28     Steve talks about the proudest moment of his career, making contact with people that are extraordinary, and the influence of artists like King Crimson.

26:29 – 28:38     Steve talks about why he is seen sitting so often.

28:39 – 32:30
     Steve confirms a 31-date Seconds Out Tour for 2021, and has a special message to people about being safe in these times of a pandemic.

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