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Good Ol’ Days – Stone Horses

With the emergence of acts like Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey, and a host of others, Stone Horses is a band that’s poised to play a large part in the charge that has come to be known as the New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR).

This collection of five classic rock songs is a great sampling of the power that this band can harness. Former Charm City Devils frontman John Allen leads this group into a high energy territory that has so many fans craving good old-fashioned hard rock. Even the cover art for this EP reflects their sound appropriately. Nothing says “badass” quite like a ’73 Firebird and power chords, and Stone Horses puts those power chords to great use here.

The songs on Good Ol’ Days are done with a lot of swagger and attitude, with a big nod toward the classic song structure of big choruses and powerful guitar solos. “Cheat Lie Steal” kicks things off with a kind of Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith meet ZZ Top at a shack outside of La Grange racket. That fast and furious riot leads into the heavy funk rock groove of the title cut. “Good Ol’ Days” gets your body writhing from side-to-side while your head bobbles on your neck like a ballpark novelty toy. “Queen Bee” is a fairly typical rocker that comes straight at you with few surprises and is probably the song with the least dimension, but it’s still a welcome addition to the set. Ironically, “Queen Bee” precedes “Heat Of The Night,” which is arguably the most dynamic song of the set. This is the one that sticks in my head and bridges the gap between classic and modern rock. I hear elements of Soundgarden at the same time I hear tinges of garage rock psychedelia like Steppenwolf. The last track on the EP is called “Rattlsnake,” and it’s another song with a big fuzzy guitar sound that transports me. It transports me to a modern day, smoke-filled psychedelic party with blacklights and splashes of colorful ink blots swirling around the room. It’s groovy as hell in here, man.

These five songs do a bunch of different things, and they’re all good things. Funk rock groove, to modern alternative, to psychedelic garage rock, and all of it neatly dressed to attend the New Wave of Classic Rock gala that’s about to pound the earth. 

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From 1985 To The Good Ol' Days: 
The John Allen Interview

Singer John Allen talks with Dr. Music about his past as the drummer of SR-71, his move to the mic with Charm City Devils, and his aspirations with his current band, Stone Horses. 

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