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Collective Soul To Celebrate 25th Anniversary With New Album And Tour

Photo: Lee Clower

Multi-Platinum, Georgia-bred rockers Collective Soul — E Roland (vocals / keyboards / guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass), Jesse Triplett (lead guitar), Johnny Rabb (drums) — are set to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2019 with a massive tour schedule and an album of new material. Not only did the band announce their Summer “Now’s The Time Tour” with Gin Blossoms, but their tenth studio album, Blood, will be released on June 21.

The "Now's The Time Tour" with Gin Blossoms comes to Rockton, IL on Sunday, June 16 at Old Settler’s Park (“Old Settlers Days”). As the tour schedule sits now, this show is the closest the band will get to Chicago.
Blood is the culmination of a quarter-century of Collective Soul assessing not only where they’ve come from, but also where they’re going. “I think Blood expresses where we’ve been on this life journey,” observes E Roland. “And we’ve done so with songs featuring piano and strings to those with a lot of guitar riffs. Blood is an accumulation of all the different styles we’ve used over the years, but it’s still Collective Soul. I think it’s the best we’ve ever done. I know you should think that, but I really do think it’s the best. It’s a good, consistent record. We’re just so proud of it.”
While the album title, Blood, maybe evoke many different thoughts and ideas, for the band, it all comes down to one word: family. “So much of it is based on the camaraderie-ship of the band,” Roland explains. “All of us basically have children, and my brother Dean just had a baby girl. Jesse’s the only one who doesn’t have kids, but he’s basically a baby, in age anyway. My brother’s in the band so there’s blood there, but the five us — it’s a family.”
From the very beginning of the band’s career, Roland always had his eye on the prize. “When ‘Shine’ came out, we got asked, ‘What’s your goal with this band?’ I said, ‘I want to have a whole row of Collective Soul recordings on the shelf.’ That was my goal,” he recounts. “Me, I always wanted to see the full body of work. That’s all I ever wanted. I knew I could write, and as the band progressed and got better, that’s why we wanted to keep going. I don’t think we ever doubted it. We, as the artists — we had no fear. The guys in the band have enough faith in my songwriting, and I have faith in them.”


One of the guys that Roland has put his faith in from the very start of the band is bassist Will Turpin. I had a chance to talk with Turpin about the new record and the upcoming tour.

Are you a guy that likes to tour?
“Genuinely, I enjoy the time on stage. It gets to be grueling when you’re not on stage. The time in between is the roughest actually, missing your family, but I enjoy the road. I enjoy playing live, and I look forward to it. If I’m off the road for more than three or four months I start to crave it.”

I know you and the band feel strongly about this new record, Blood. How much of it will you be playing on this tour?

“We’re playing six new songs off the new record right now, which is actually about right as far as the flow of the set. We’re able to get six in there and still let the fans feel like they’re hearing all the classic tunes that they want to hear. Six songs off of Blood right now and the set’s going a little over an hour and a half.”


“I hear people say, ‘I got rid of my demons,’ and I say well, I don’t really want to get rid of my demons. I just want to be able to hang with my demons when I want to, and hang with my angels when I want to also.”

Collective Soul has a very distinct sound. Tell me a little bit about the process of capturing that sound.
“We try to service the song properly, lift the song up, and do the right thing for the song; and in the meantime catch a vibe together. An emotion and a vibe is really what people gravitate towards. The emotional contact is where the success is.”

Do you have a favorite track from this new record?
I like “Crushed”. It’s really aggressive and there’s a lot of fun work for me and Johnny and the rhythm section. And then the overall sound and the overall sentiment of “Big Sky” I really love a lot.

Do you ever get tired of playing the classic songs all the time?

“No, not at all. You just go at it with whatever energy you got going on that night. You gotta be thankful that you’re allowed to play those songs, not spin it the other way.”

What’s at the top of Will Turpin’s bucket list?
“I think it would be cool to get my sons to record and be in a band. All three of them play and they’re all really talented. Maybe that’ll be next on my list.”

Collective Soul rose to international fame in 1993 with the rock anthem “Shine.” The multi-Platinum quintet has a catalog of #1 hits under their belts that has helped shape and define alternative rock. They’ve sold over 20 million records worldwide and continue to average over one million Spotify streams per month. They were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

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