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“Ordinary Girl” - Zach Bair Band

Zach Bair is a guy that you may not immediately know by name, but there’s a pretty good chance that you have heard about one of his many companies or even own a product that he has produced.

Bair has been an entrepreneur that has been deeply involved with the technological side of the music industry for nearly twenty years. With his Abbey Road Live company, which has since transitioned to DiscLive, concertgoers have been able to purchase a high quality soundboard recording of an evening’s performance and receive it before they even leave the venue. Another of Bair’s companies, Soundstr, looks to more fairly distribute royalties to the artists when their songs are played in businesses. These are only the beginning of what Bair is responsible for behind the scenes of the music industry. But, I’m here to discuss how Zach Bair is making waves and saving lives in front of the scenes as a songwriter and musician.

Zach Bair Band has just released their first single from their upcoming EP, Ordinary Girl. This title track is one of those songs that is catchy and well written, but it really is so much more once you dissect it. Lyrically, this is a profound story of self-worth and preservation. It’s a triumphant glance into the dark and complicated world of depression and suicide.

"Ordinary Girl" tells the story of a young lady that feels like she has nothing to offer anyone because she has no special abilities, and being “ordinary” equates to being worthless. But, kind of like Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim,” by the end of the song things turn around and it ends up being all about Slim instead of Jim. In Bair’s turnaround tale, our “ordinary girl” realizes that she’s not all that ordinary at all and finds her wings and a place in life where she can soar. This song is great because of that wonderful uplifting message, but it really works well because the writing of the melodic undertones convey the melancholy as well as the joyous shine at the appropriate times. Masterful songwriting and excellent musicianship combine perfectly here to deliver a song that I don’t believe I will ever tire of.

Zach Bair could be called an entrepreneur, an inventor, a singer, a guitarist, and a whole host of other things. One thing he has recently added to that list is philanthropist by donating 20% of the sales of this song to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Zach Bair is a special guy, and this is a special song. I would urge you to add the song to your collection and make your life and this world a little more special.

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And please, if you or someone you know is suffering, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to get help:   




In the interview below, Zach Bair talks about his journey through the backlots of the music and entertainment industry, as well as the story behind “Ordinary Girl” and his latest set of music.

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